Parish Event Information

Why Host a Parish Event?

Hosting a parish event to participate in the 2022 Beauty In Christ Virtual Conference is a great way to

  • A way to gather the women of your parish
  • A way for the women of your parish or cluster to pray together
  • A way for the women of your parish or cluster to learn more about their faith

What is the Benefit of Purchasing Group Tickets?

When you purchase enough “codes” for each woman, you give each woman the following:

  • A low cost way of giving women the opportunity to participate in this virtual conference
  • Access to the recordings of the speakers and the Q & A sessions for the next year to review at her leisure
  • Access to the recording of the speaker they did not get to hear the day of the conference (one of the sessions will offer the option of the two speakers)
  • The ability to access the conference in real time should she be unable to participate in the parish event


One More Benefit!

As a thank you for registering a Group of 25, we would like to offer you a bundle of Beauty In Christ signature items!

The first 10 Parishes/Clusters to choose Group Registration
for 25 registration codes (and some have already qualified!)
will receive the following:

  • 5 (Five) Beauty In Christ Totes
  • 10 (Ten) Beauty In Christ Journals

They are yours to use as door prizes or as you wish!  You will be contacted about this offer once you register!


Hosting a Beauty In Christ event in your parish or other location is a great way to participate in the virtual conference as a group!

Below is a packet of information to help you make a virtual conference group event a BEAUTIFUL success! (Click on the picture below to open the packet.)

Here you’ll find information and ideas for you to use in creating a successfully hosted event.  While how you host this event is up to you, please know that members of the Conference Committee are available to help you!

And the Conference Committee is praying for the success of your event!